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Exciting Partnership Announcement: WebdriverIO Teams Up with BrowserStack

· 2 min read

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news: WebdriverIO and BrowserStack have embarked on a groundbreaking partnership, set to significantly boost the development and community engagement of our project!

BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 15 global data centers. BrowserStack helps Tesco, Shell, NVIDIA, Discovery, Wells Fargo, and over 50,000 customers deliver quality software at speed by moving testing to their Cloud. BrowserStack’s platform provides instant access to 3,000+ real mobile devices and browsers on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering an amazing experience for every customer.

In an exciting turn, BrowserStack has become an exclusive Premium Sponsor for WebdriverIO, providing crucial funding that supplements our primarily user-generated donations. This generous support enables us to advance significant initiatives, including our upcoming major release. For the first time, we can offer financial recognition to our devoted community contributors, acknowledging their invaluable efforts toward the project's triumph. We will soon share more information on how we will use the project funds and how we plan to distribute them.

As a token of this collaboration, BrowserStack is extending a special free trial license to all WebdriverIO users. Discover more about this incredible offer at

Since its inception, WebdriverIO has been propelled by a dedicated group of developers, united by a passion for crafting tools that enhance software quality. While other testing projects have benefited from substantial venture capital and corporate funding, WebdriverIO has predominantly relied on its vibrant community, without the means to provide significant financial compensation for contributions.

The core contributors of WebdriverIO are elated about this partnership. We are profoundly grateful to BrowserStack for their commitment to nurturing open-governed, open-source projects like ours.

Thank you 🙏

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