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Sauce Labs joins WebdriverIOs Partnership Program as Premium Sponsor

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in our journey towards innovation in software testing and quality assurance. Sauce Labs, a pioneering force in the continuous testing arena, is joining forces with us through our Partnership Program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our quest to expand our development fund, enabling us to enhance our work on major releases and introduce groundbreaking features yet to be unveiled.

Sauce Labs has earned a reputation as a leader in providing solutions that empower organizations worldwide to achieve excellence in software delivery. Their platform, trusted by thousands of development teams, ensures that digital products function seamlessly across every browser, operating system, and device. This commitment to quality guarantees a flawless user experience, showcasing Sauce Labs' dedication to software excellence.

The company has been technically sponsoring the project almost since day one. My early work on WebdriverIO has opened an opportunity to work at Sauce Labs and during my 7-year tenure there, I was allowed and encouraged to work on this framework. Even some of Sauce Labs products have been heavily inspired by the work in WebdriverIO, e.g. their performance testing and extended debugging capabilities.

It makes me personally very happy to see Sauce Labs staying invested in the Open-Source testing ecosystem. Being the originators of Selenium and creators of Appium Sauce Labs remains a strong supporter of open-governed tools like WebdriverIO.

Thank you 🙏

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