If your company uses WebdriverIO and benefits from it, please ask your manager or your marketing team to support the project by donating to the collective. Support will allow the maintainers to dedicate more time for maintenance and new features for everyone.

Please checkout our OpenCollective page for further information on how to donate to the project.

Thank you to everyone who will or has donated money to the collective and therefor has supported the project and everyone who contributed to it. It really means a lot ❤️

Expense Policies#

We want to be transparent in the way we accept expenses to the collective. Everyone should be eligible to participate and send in expenses for development on certain features. We also want to give back to the community by allowing us to expense event expenses. The following expense types may be eligible to be reimbursed from the collective:

Event Expenses#

If you host an event that has a speaker talking about using WebdriverIO and it's features you can expense up to $100. Reimbursement requirements for event expenses include:

  • You or the event account must share the project on social media (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) at least 3x
  • The event page must have the WebdriverIO logo and a link to the project page in your meetup description
  • You must use the funds for qualified event expenses such as food, beverage, room or equipment rental.
  • You must submit receipts with your reimbursement request.

Development Expenses#

If you have done development work on any of the repositories within the GitHub WebdriverIO organisation you may reimburse up to $1000 if the following requirements are met:

  • You must have submitted qualifying pull requests that have closed at least 10 issues that were labeled with Expensable 💸
  • Every additional issue closed with that label can be expensed with $100
  • You must submit links to all issues you’ve closed due to your pull requests
  • In order to close the ticket automatically, you must have one commit message with the Fix keyword. For example, Fix #1234 to close ticket #1234.
  • Pull Requests must be merged by someone from the core team. If there are several Pull Requests, the core team member either selects the most recent one or the best one - that’s up to them to decide what is best for the project.
  • You must claim an Expensable 💸 issue by commenting to the issue thread to ensure that no one else is working on the same issue.
  • Anyone contributing to WebdriverIO is eligible to expense their work if the implemented features or bug fixes are not objectives of a commercial job.

Travel Expenses#

If you are a member of the Technical Steering Committee team you are eligible to expense flights and hotel accommodations for travel to conferences or meetups as part of a speaking engagement on WebdriverIO, not paid by the event itself or a company. You may expense up to $500. Reimbursement requirements for travel expenses include:

  • You must send out a post from your main social media account (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn or personal blog) thanking all contributors of the collective after the event took place.
  • You must use the funds for qualified travel expenses such as ground or air transportation to the event and hotel accomodations.
  • You must submit receipts with your reimbursement request.