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There are many wonderful curated resources the WebdriverIO community has put together. Make sure to contribute yours at awesome-webdriverio!

WebdriverIO Ecosystem​

Support WebdriverIO​




People passionate about WebdriverIO (In no particular order)




  • WebdriverIO Community Reporters - A set of community maintained reporters.
  • Report Portal - Report results to Report Portal.
  • Video - Makes videos of failed tests and has optional allure integration.
  • HTML - Generates a nice HTML report.
  • JSON - Report results in JSON format.
  • Mochawesome - Report results in Mochawesome format.
  • Timeline - Report results in an aggregated visualisation interface.
  • CucumberJS - Report results in CucumberJS JSON format.
  • Markdown - Report results in Markdown format.
  • Delta Reporter - Report results in Delta Reporter format.
  • Teamcity - Report results to the build results page of Teamcity Portal.


  • wdio-wait-for - A lightweight library of useful expected conditions for the WebdriverIO framework.
  • @wdio/schematics - A schematic to add WebdriverIO to an Angular project.
  • @badisi/wdio-harness - WebdriverIO support for Angular component test harnesses.

Research & Training​



Conference/Meetup Talks/Webinars​



  • The Web App Testing Guidebook - Covers everything you need to know to get off the ground with UI testing. Examples are built using real-world scenarios, showing how you would actually write your tests. It's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively write UI test automation for the real world.
  • Practical WebDriverIO - Teaches you intermediate and advanced methods for using WebDriverIO APIs.

WebdriverIO Examples​

  • Boilerplate Projects - Over time, our community has developed several projects that you can use as inspiration to set up your own test suite.

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