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Support for Angular component test harnesses Service

@badisi/wdio-harness is a 3rd party package, for more information please see GitHub | npm

πŸ”¬ WebdriverIO support for Angular component test harnesses.

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Component test harnesses​

A component harness is a class that lets a test interact with a component via a supported API. Each harness's API interacts with a component the same way a user would. By using the harness API, a test insulates itself against updates to the internals of a component, such as changing its DOM structure. The idea for component harnesses comes from the PageObject pattern commonly used for integration testing.

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npm install @badisi/wdio-harness --save-dev
yarn add @badisi/wdio-harness --dev



  • createHarnessEnvironment(documentRoot) - gets a HarnessLoader instance for the given HTML element
  • getHarness(query) - searches for an instance of the given ComponentHarness class or HarnessPredicate
  • getAllHarnesses(query) - acts like getHarness, but returns an array of harness instances
  • waitForAngular() - waits for Angular to finish bootstrapping


/** CommonJS */
// const { MatDatepickerInputHarness } = require('@angular/material/datepicker/testing');
// const { getHarness } = require('@badisi/wdio-harness');

/** ESM / Typescript */
import { MatDatepickerInputHarness } from '@angular/material/datepicker/testing';
import { getHarness, waitForAngular } from '@badisi/wdio-harness';

describe('Angular Material Harness', () => {
beforeEach(async () => {
await browser.url('http://localhost:4200');
await waitForAngular();

it('MatDatePicker', async () => {
const datepicker = await getHarness(MatDatepickerInputHarness.with({ selector: '#demo-datepicker-input' }));

await datepicker.setValue('9/27/1954');
expect(await datepicker.getValue()).withContext('Date should be 9/27/1954').toBe('9/27/1954');

await datepicker.openCalendar();
const calendar = await datepicker.getCalendar();
await calendar.selectCell({ text: '20' });
expect(await datepicker.getValue()).withContext('Date should be 10/20/1954').toBe('10/20/1954');

More examples here.


See the developer docs.


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