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Google Chat Service

@qajonatasmartins/wdio-google-chat-service is a 3rd party package, for more information please see GitHub | npm

Webdriverio library to send test results as notification/off message to google chat spaces.


npm install wdio-google-chat-service --save-dev


yarn add wdio-google-chat-service


First, import the service into the wdio configuration file wdio.conf.js

// wdio.conf.js
const slack = require('wdio-google-chat-service');

To use the service you need to have the google chat webhook url to send the notification and add the url in 'webhook'


services: [[GoogleChatService, {
webhookUrl: '',
notifyOnlyOnFailure: false //Send notification only in case of test failure

Getting google chat webhook​

Note: Google chat only has the webhook for business accounts. If you use a personal account you should not have the webhook option.

  1. Create a space on google chat
  2. Click the arrow on the chat space name
  3. Click [Manage Webhooks]
  4. Add one or copy the presented webhook Url.
  5. Paste the URL of the webhook in the service inside the option 'webhookUrl' as in the example above.


  • Support for mocha runner
  • Error details
  • Send notification only in case of test failure


Test pass and fail