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Auto-detect missing imports w/eslint Service

wdio-eslinter-service is a 3rd party package, for more information please see GitHub | npm

Have you ever run your e2e tests, only to find out 10, 15, or 30 minutes later that there was a missing/misspelled import, which didn't appear until the middle of the test run? When this happens, the test runner reports these tests as broken.

eslint is a great tool for catching different errors pre-runtime, and this service runs the eslint tool, prior to executing WebdriverIO tests, as an automated step instead of a manual one.

It's oftentimes better to fail faster so we can fix problems sooner rather than later.


Install the wdio-eslinter-service:

$ npm i wdio-eslinter-service --save-dev

If you don't already have eslint installed and configured, you'll need to install it and configure it in your project:

$ npm i eslint eslint-plugin-import

Put .eslintrc.js in the root of your Node.js project:

// .eslintrc.js
module.exports = {
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaVersion": 2018
"plugins": [
"rules": {
"import/no-unresolved": [
"commonjs": true,
"amd": false,
"caseSensitive": true

By default, this minimal configuration checks for unresolved require imports and throws an error if unresolved imports are found. The service then stops execution. You can customize .eslintrc.js to perform more checks, if desired. See eslint for more details.

Inside your package.json, add this entry to your run scripts:

"scripts": {
"eslint": "eslint ."

NOTE: Adding eslint to the package.json is required for the service to function.

Lastly, add the eslinter service to the services array in wdio.conf.js:

services: ['eslinter']

Run npm run eslint to verify and check for errors.

Using in WebdriverIO#

Start WebdriverIO's test runner as normal. eslint will check the code. If errors are found, execution immediately ceases.

$ npx wdio


$ npx wdio --spec ./test/specs/example.e2e.js
Execution of 1 spec files started at 2021-05-15T12:04:05.388Z
2021-05-15T12:04:05.793Z WARN wdio-eslinter-service: initialize wdio-eslint-service using npm runner.
Deleted files and directories:
1:22 error Unable to resolve path to module '.../pageObjects/' import/no-unresolved
1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings)
2021-05-15T12:04:08.581Z ERROR wdio-eslinter-service: SEVERE: Code contains eslint errors or eslint not installed.