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Light Reporter Reporter

wdio-light-reporter is a 3rd party package, for more information please see GitHub | npm

Inspired by HTML and Mochawesome reporter


This reporter does not support cucumber Report regeneration and is developed keeping in mind the bdd an mocha framework. Here,describe() section is considered as test scenario and it() as testcase inside the test scenarios.


  1. Easy setup
  2. Enhanced UI
  3. Screenshot embedded in html report
  4. addLabel() to include steps context or name


V 0.1.9 - Initial release V 0.2.6 - (latest)

  1. Include multiple enviroment runs and segregate base on enviroment.
  2. Fix bugs
  3. Improved performance.


Example Example Example



npm install wdio-light-reporter --save-dev


reporters: ['dot', ['light',{
outputDir: './Results',
outputFile:`demo${new Date()}`, // html report file will be name this
addScreenshots: false, // to add screenshots in report make it as true. Default is false


The Reporter does not have capability to automatically configure to take screenshots but however if manually configured, it listen to the event and attach the screenshots in the HTML report. To include screenshots in the report add below code in the afterTest() hook in the wdio conf file.

afterTest: async function (test,context,{ error, result, duration, passed, retries }) {
if (!passed) {await browser.takeScreenshot()}


Each run regenerates json report for each spec files, to generate combined json and HTML report, add below code in the onComplete() hook in wdio conf file

 onComplete: function (exitCode, config, capabilities, results) {
const mergeResults = require("wdio-light-reporter/src/mergeResults"); //you can add this on top of the file

If you run your test wihout any --suite option then it considers default as the suite Reporter does not works if you give multiple parameters as suites while run. wdio run wdio.conf.js --suite firstSuite - (WOKRS FINE) :)
wdio run wdio.conf.js --suite firstSuite --suite secondSuite (DOES NOT WORK) :(

Adding Context

You can use useLabel() to add context to any steps or added to include it as steps.

const { addLabel } = require("wdio-light-reporter").default;
describe("Show how to use addLabel ", () => {
it("report will added this a steps/context in report", async () => {
addLabel("Log Example 1 as step 1")
console.log("Log Example 1 )
addLabel("Log Example 2 as step 2")
console.log("Log Example 2 )


 reporters: ['dot', ['light',{
outputDir: './Results',
outputFile:"demo", // html report file will be name this
addScreenshots: false, // to add screenshots in report make it as true. Default is false
//autoClean:false // removed autoClean and include the same functionality as default in mergeResult function


MIT Free, Hell Yeah!

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